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The founder of A Better Way Corporation, and author of HAZChek Disclosures, Roy Walling has 30 years experience in this field. Mr. Walling's name may be recognized from the company known as 'Nationwide Compliance', a company he founded in 1987 and sold in 1996. His experience in all phases of disclosure service gives great strength to his new company concept. Mr. Walling has formed A Better Way Corporation with a different approach to integrated and cost-effective natural hazard disclosures.

Choice, price and service are still the keys.
A Better Way Corporation opens an array of options and opportunities for you. Large or small, you owe it to yourself and your company to learn how you can obtain the best services and yet create a cost-effective fee for your clients. We value your business and we will make our commitment to you in a written contract.

Our commitment to cost-effective, timely service for your Disclosure needs has become a benchmark in the industry.
HAZChek by ABW Corporation
Disclosures are law for a purpose - to inform the potential buyers of real property of any potential, or existing natural hazards that may have an adverse impact on the real property.
Not being able to explain all these disclosures is the deal killer. Knowledge is necessary to alleviate the fears of the buyers and sellers. Because of the lack of knowledge and the lack of professional knowledgeable disclosure professionals, many owners are unaware of many hazards until they are ready to sell.

Thanks to the Internet, and the innovative research of some professional disclosure folds, the seller, the buyer, the real estate agent or any interested third party can go to the right web page and obtain this required information and print it. This takes all the fears out of disclosures and allows all the interested people to have the correct information.
One click and the deal killer has been put to rest. The deal closes when all parties have met the legal requirements and everyone is happy.


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